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An underrated gem
by ultra_0, Egypt - Jan 14th 2019

The game is truly underrated and has a very 1960s USA vibe to it
(unlike the Godfather/Goodfellas vibe of Mafia II).

It has some of the best acted cut-scenes in gaming.
The story is that of revenge; simple really.
The gameplay is repetitive yet very enjoyable.
The gun fights and driving felt very awkward at first, but after a few upgrades, they've become really good.
The music and sound tracks are unique and overwhelmingly good: actual songs from the 1960s.
The three DLCs are fun and each add a different short-ish story. I liked Faster, baby! the most.
The achievements aren't grindy.

-At first, I was annoyed by the greyed-out feel of the in-game graphics. I gave it some time and I was impressed by how beautiful the different objects are rendered and how they look.
-The game sometimes glitches, so a quick Escape>Reload from Last Checkpoint fixes it.

10/10 would recommend.

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Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast Icon
Silly fun for a buck!
by ultra_0, Egypt - Nov 30th 2018

You get to roast celebs!
My favorite so far is playing as Dirty Potter (Dirty Harry/Harry Potter).
The voice acting is top notch, but the insults are tame.

Developers, please make a no-holds-barred one next.

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