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About Us

MacGameStore was formally launched in April 2005 and since then has grown into the leading Mac-only distributor of digital download games with over one million Mac games sold. Our goal is to provide the best shopping experience that Mac gamers deserve with hot new selections every day, excellent customer service, daily specials, great bundles, and useful information to make purchasing decisions easier.

WinGameStore was also launched as a sister store offering games to the Windows (and Linux) market. Both stores run from the same user-base which allows customers to take advantage of all products for any platform offered. All under their own Shopper Accounts.

Earn Commissions!

Join the affiliate program and start earning commissions today! We offer thousands of quality Mac and Windows games that are available for instant purchase and download using our propeitary and intuitive client software (Mac OS X only).

  • Earn 5% commission on qualified sales
  • 7 days returns
  • $20 average sale
  • 30 day cookie/action referral tracking
  • Utilize our expansive product catalog

MacGameStore & WinGameStore Together

All referral links going to either or destinations will be tracked for commissions and listed under "MacGameStore" in the Affiliate Tools at Rakuten Linkshare. So if you wish to send visitors to something on either store, you will be creditted for any sales that visitor ultimately make, within the given time parameters of Linkshare.

Dynamic Feeds & Linking

We offer a developers API and Feeds for products, which may help your developers automate linking the products on either store. If your developer is interested, please have them contact us for details on the tools we provide. Tools are not open to the public, valid affiliate partner program required to receive information.