Digital Downloads Explained

A digital download (also known as a digital single or a paid digital download) is an official and legal game product available for purchase through an online store. Popular examples of online digital stores that sell digital products include the iTunes Store and Steam.

Digital downloads are often encoded with Digital Rights Management (DRM) that restricts making additional copies of the game or playing from multiple locations at the same time. Most DRM are in the form of serial code required. This means most purchases for this store will send you a Registration Serial Code that you will enter into the Fully Downloaded Game Product.

The download of a game product is also done in one of two ways. Either by downloading the Demo, which is unlocked with the Serial Code after purchase, or by downloading the Full Game from a special URL that is sent to you upon purchase. Or both in some cases.

Some notes about Digital Downloads:

  • Digital Download purchases will not be physically shipped out to you.
  • Digital Download purchases are Non-Refundable.

If you would like to read more information about the ordering process, or frequently asked questions, please head over to the Support Center.