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Wasteland Angel is a throw-back to the era of vintage arcade shooters, where players fend off waves of enemies and ultimately face-off against epic end-level bosses.




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Bummer! World War III happened and killed most of the world’s population. The ones that got toasted were the lucky ones. Survivors live in constant fear of being murdered or enslaved by violent gangs, renegade military units and, of course; mutants.

Outfitted with a heavily armored car, unlimited firepower and a thirst for vengeance, our Heroine – the Wasteland Angel roams the radioactive wastes, travelling from one God-forsaken town to the next, protecting survivors from being enslaved. She’s on a mission, to defend those that can’t defend themselves.

Wasteland Angel is a throw-back to the era of vintage arcade shooters, where players fend off waves of enemies and ultimately face-off against epic end-level bosses. From a top-down isometric view, players pilot the Wasteland Angel’s overpowered vehicle as its dual machine guns cut a swath across the terrain. To handle whatever the gangs, muties and renegades throws her way, Wasteland Angel has upgradeable weapons and ammo that can rip enemies from this life and toss them into the next.
  • 24 Levels of fast-paced action across 6 ravaged landscapes
  • 3 Enemy Factions including Gangers, Renegades and Mutants
  • 4 Difficulty Levels from beginner to suicide
  • Different mission objectives from escort to an all-out offensive
  • Super weapons increase the carnage, including: Mines, Napalm, EMP and Nukes
  • Huge boss battles to test your skill and stamina
  • Bonus levels featuring FPS driving/shooting mayhem
  • Online Scoreboards for each Difficulty Level
  • Star ratings for all levels and 40 achievements for all completionists


Windows Requirements:Important Notes:
Operating system:Windows® XP/Vista/7
Processor: Intel® 2.0GHz CPU
Memory: 2GB
Hard disk space: 4GB
Video: 256 MB of dedicated video memory with support for pixel shader 3.0. (nVidia 8600 or equivalent)
Sound: Sound card with DirectX 9.0c support
DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play Windows version.

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  1. It's like Mad Max, but not nearly as good!
    by Yawaru, USA - Mar 5th 2016

    To me, Wasteland Angel is an unfinished game. It plays adequately, but there are a lot of little physics glitches. There's a decent amount of content, but only if you want to do score attack and improve your overall score or rank. The graphics are okay, but not great for the time of release, much less now.

    The core gameplay is simple but fun; drive around and kill bad guys. Most levels are defense missions: kill waves of enemies and prevent them from capturing citizens from the town. The towns have 100 people, if you destroy a capture vehicle before it leaves the screen you can get the citizens back, but you can also run them over. There are also boss stages, such as a giant napalm truck that you can only damage by luring it into trails of napalm, a secondary weapon pick up. There are also first-person bonus levels such as racing or survival. There's also a story told in snippets of dialog and motion-comic style cut scenes.

    The game works reasonably well and has controller and keyboard support, but there were several areas where the physics bugged out, such as getting stuck on environmental objects. The hit detection needs work. The fact that there's a dedicated "flip your car over" button should tell you something. Seeing as the game is a few years old already I doubt you'll see any improvements.

    In the end the game gets repetitive quickly, the controls are a bit loose, there isn't much variety in gameplay, and the story is forgettable. If you like score attack or driving around shooting baddies in small arenas, this may still be the game for you!

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