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Region restrictions

Activates within United States
This game has world-wide activation. No known region restrictions in effect.



Windows Requirements:
No requirements to list.
  • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play Windows version.

Reviews & Comments

From 5 Shoppers
  1. Fun & different

    To say this game is weird would be an understatement, but it's true to its weirdness and easy to navigate. Challenging at times, but not overly so that one gets frustrated. If you're looking for a game that you can play for 20 minutes at a time before playing again the next day, this would be for you. If you're planning on playing it all in one go, then you'll play for less than a day and may be disappointed. While some of the game was centered around bodily functions (think "Forbidden Zone"), it was not too gross to be considered offensive (unlike the aforementioned movie ;-)

    by Scott Henderson, USA - Jul 20th 2019
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    I'm not gonna even take off a star for this game being way too short! But that said, it's WAY TOO SHORT!!! Buy it anyway 'cause it's fun 'n awesome 'n I wants more of it! Bulb Boy 2, please. ^_^ (Just buy it.)

    by Orakel, USA - May 28th 2016
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  3. Feel the unique experience.

    Pros :
    - Adorable and grotesque. yes, it makes sense!
    - no text available. simple icons and weird sounds are will be your indicator.

    Cons :
    - No controller support. use mouse and keyboard, or with third party programs.
    - frequently error.

    by brown_f0x, Republic of Korea - May 19th 2016
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