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Walk the razor's edge between fantasy and reality as you stop a lunatic from gaining power over death!




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Walk the razor's edge between fantasy and reality as you stop a lunatic from gaining power over death! When 12 children vanish from the once peaceful town of Kronville, a school teacher named Astrid becomes wrapped up in a mystery beyond her comprehension. Guide her as she investigates the disappearances, and in so doing uncovers an evil plot involving an ancient artifact that can grant immortality. With each step on this perilous journey, you'll need to explore the city with a careful eye and solve cunning puzzles designed to keep you from discovering the truth.

In addition to scouring the streets of Kronville, your investigation will take you into the dreams of the kidnapped children, where a dark entity has trapped their souls. As you work your way through worlds based on "Red Riding Hood," "Peter Pan," and other popular fairy tales, you'll marvel at the visual beauty and become more and more immersed in the captivating story. Those who press on to the end will uncover a shocking secret about Astrid's past that suggests her involvement in the case was no accident. With its clever hidden object puzzle scenes, stunning artwork, and mesmerizing story, Kronville will hold you captive from beginning to end!
  • Branching conversations you control
  • Gripping storyline with a surprise ending
  • Breathtaking worlds that cross dreams with reality
  • Spectacular animated sequences between chapters
  • Challenging mini-games


Windows Requirements:
* Windows XP or later
* 1.4 GHz processor
* 1024 MB RAM
* 512 MB VRAM
* DirectX 9.0

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  1. Sogni, realtà e complessità
    by Roberto Guarchi, Italy - May 8th 2018

    Questo gioco presenta una storia complessa ed intrigante, in cui sogni e realtà si alternano in un percorso ricco di azione e sorprese. Nel ruolo di Astrid Missy, una psicologa infantile, si deve esplorare l'ambiente di Kronville e i mondi basati su diverse storie incentrate sui bambini (come Peter Pan e Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie), entrando ed uscendo dalla terra dei sogni. Durante questo viaggio si dovrà interagire con personaggi diversi, anche attraverso vere e proprie conversazioni: le risposte date potranno influenzare il flusso della trama. Immagini, filmati e colonna sonora sono di qualità, e merita di essere sottolineato il fatto che gli sviluppatori hanno proprio "giocato" con la cupezza e la luminosità delle diverse ambientazioni per trasmettere il senso complessivo dell'avventura. Le scene di oggetti nascosti sono presentate con tante azioni diverse da compiere e molte di queste scene vanno affrontare più volte, rendendo il gameplay particolarmente interessante. Puzzle e mini-giochi sono di diverso tipo e ne vengono proposti alcuni di livello decisamente impegnativo ma non impossibile. La mappa è presente ma non è di comodo accesso, mentre il diario è fin troppo ricco di annotazioni. Purtroppo il game è soltanto in inglese, ma è comunque sufficientemente giocabile in questa lingua. Certo, ci vorrebbe anche l'italiano, e per comprendere meglio la storia suggerisco di leggere prima le recensioni presenti in rete. Lo consiglio, soprattutto se lo trovate ad un prezzo scontato. Giocato con iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.

    [This game presents a complex and intriguing story, in which dreams and reality alternate in a path full of action and surprises. In the role of Astrid Missy, a child psychologist, one must explore the Kronville environment and the worlds based on different stories centered on children (like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland), entering and exiting the land of dreams. During this trip you will have to interact with different characters, even through real conversations: the answers given will influence the flow of the plot. Images, movies and soundtrack are of quality, and it is worth underlining the fact that the developers have just "played" with the gloom and brightness of the different settings to convey the overall sense of adventure. Hidden object scenes are presented with many different actions to be performed and many of these scenes have to be faced several times, making the gameplay particularly interesting. Puzzles and mini-games are of different types and are proposed some very challenging but not impossible. The map is present but not easily accessible, while the diary is too full of annotations. Unfortunately, the game is only in English, but is still sufficiently playable in this language. Of course, it would also take Italian, and to better understand the story I suggest you first read the reviews on the net. I recommend it, especially if you find it at a discounted price. Played with iMac OS X 10.11.2 El Capitan.]

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