Gabriel Knight - Sins of Father - 20th Anniversary Edition

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Experience the blockbuster retelling of one of adventure gaming's most stunning masterpieces, which adds all-new puzzles, scenes, and HD graphics!





Blending the best of yesterday and today, it re-imagines the 1993 original, voted one of the greatest games of all time, for an entirely new generation of fans. As struggling author and bookstore owner Gabriel Knight, you will investigate a series of savage ritual killings in New Orleans and their connection to voodoo’s sinister mysteries.

The deeper you dive into master storyteller Jane Jensen’s tale of terror and suspense, the closer you’ll come to discovering the secrets of Gabriel’s family history–and unfolding his destiny.
  • Relive one of gaming’s greatest adventures of all-time: Adventure Gamers' 20 Best Adventure Games, Computer Gaming World's Adventure Game of the Year 1994, and Honorable Mention in The A.V. Club's Top 100 Games of All-Time
  • Experience the award-winning voodoo murder-mystery in stunning high-res 3D
  • Adds new puzzles and scenes to familiar challenges
  • Includes remastered soundtrack by original composer Robert Holmes


Windows Requirements:
Processor: 2.0 GHz Processor: 2.0 Ghz
Hard Disk Space: 3.5 GB
Video Card: ATI or NVidia with 512 MB RAM Video Card: Video Card: ATI or NVidia with 1 GB RAM
Additional Info: Not recommended for play on Intel systems with integrated/shared video memory.

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  1. The Great Voodoo Mystery
    by muschraum, Estonia - Apr 18th 2017

    The first part in a series of 90's classic Gabriel Knight adventures is one of those games that remind you how good of a storytelling medium a game can be. This, being a remake of the classic, while perhaps not always perfect, is a wonderful and faithful modernized version of the best voodoo themed adventure there is!

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  2. Execellent Adventure Game!
    by Vanfogel, Finland - May 22nd 2016

    I don't usually play these kind of games, but got to say that this was surprising good adventure game. Very good plot and lot of things to do, and also this not easy game that you really have to think ahead about these puzzles. I think this game is timeless, that you could play this game even after 20 years.

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  3. Great Adventure Game
    by JT&LB, USA - Jul 22nd 2015

    Don't know why I never played this back in the day, but am so glad I got to do it now. This is a true adventure game-great story, voice acting, graphics & humor. The game includes the graphic novel, which fills you in on the background, but it makes sense not to read it until your in Day 4 or 5. It has a built in Hint system and a look back at the original game, in Gabe's journal. It was just weird not having use of a cell phone, which makes sense, being it was created 20 years ago. If you like adventure games, play this one.

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