Enchanted Cavern 2

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Windows Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista or 7
1.5 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
128 MB video card
DirectX 8 or later

Reviews & Comments

From 8 Shoppers
  1. Enchanged Cavern 2

    I like this game. It can get a bit repetitive, if you don't pay attention. It's more fun than the first one. The graphics are nice and it's relaxing.

    by Bizeybee, USA - Mar 4th 2019
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  2. An Unexpected Challenge!

    I do not understand the low ratings this game has gotten. I find this to be a VERY challenging Match 3. There are a total of 50 Levels and they get progressively more difficult as you progress. So, if you think it's going to be an easy game from your experience with the demo, you would be mistaken. Or if you're playing in "Relaxed" mode and wonder what the challenge is because you don't have trouble completing the Levels (since you don't have the stingy Timer to deal with), then try it again in timed "Casual" mode and I'm quite sure you'll change your mind. In fact, the final Chapter has a couple of levels [7-1 and 7-6] that I had to redo many times before I could complete them in the amount of time allocated by the Timer. Even then, I could not manage to get more than a single Star for my efforts! But I like that. In fact, I got a little obsessed with this game and I found myself going back to it again and again, even after declaring "no more, I've had enough!" I love, love, LOVE it and highly recommend it to anyone who likes Match 3 games.

    by ooakPlayer, - Mar 8th 2016
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