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The first expansion pack for Cities In Motion.

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This expansion pack requires the original Cities In Motion game be already installed.

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is one of the largest and greatest cities in the world. It has enjoyed many different eras and experienced changes never seen in the west. Public transport is always a challenge, but Tokyo offers excellent opportunities and exciting new vehicles.

Scenario descriptions
(Tokyo DLC is set in Tokyo during the years 1970 – 2030, and features a new transport type: monorail.)

Scenario 1: Tokyo 1975-1977 (Rapid Expansion)
Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is entering a period of growth. New inhabitants flood the city, eager to participate in the economic boom. While the city is engaged in providing housing for the influx of citizens, it is up to you to modify the public transport system to handle the increased demand.

Scenario 2: Tokyo 1989-1992 (The Lost Decade)
A worldwide economic depression has led to increased unemployment. As Tokyo struggles to manage its budget, many of its residents have less money to spend, and some are simply hanging on. The hard times will pass, but until then, you must steer the city's transportation system through these difficult times.

Scenario 3: Tokyo 2004-2008 (We Need More Land!)
Tokyo is expanding: land is being re-claimed from the sea, which opens up new areas which require transportation connections. This dynamic city is constantly evolving, and so too must its transport system.

Scenario 4: Tokyo 2027-- 2030 (The Future is Bright)
A new era is dawning in Tokyo. The city is at the heart of a new wave of innovation, including streamlined electrical cars, advanced artificial intelligence, mega-stars giving holographic performance -- in fact, the rich and famous, best and brightest, from all around the world are heading to Tokyo, chasing the scent of future success.


Windows Requirements:Important Notes:
No requirements to list.
  • Requires Cities in Motion to play.
  • Requires Steam and a Steam Account to play Windows version.

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  1. This game be compatible??
    by Jayson Andres, - Oct 18th 2011

    Hi, just wondering if the game be compatible from other games website I bought the game from?? Will this game work at all??

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