Reviews by ChaosKnight

Sonic Frontiers – Digital Deluxe

Best Sonic Game in Years

I was hoping this game would be good and it surpassed my expectations by a longshot. This is a massive game with 5 huge open world islands, 4 of which have tons of content, and 1 of which is just there for some great platforming and story. There are 30 levels mixed of side scrolling and 3D platforming, the aforementioned open worlds, tons of mini games like shoot 'em ups, fishing, pinball, and over 100 puzzles. There are some really good mini bosses throughout, as well as regular enemies. The boss fights are spectacular. The story is very good. The soundtrack is excellent. The entire game is very different from the usual Sonic games, in a good way. There isn't any post game content other than what you didn't do on your first playthrough. It takes 12-15 hours to get through the story and over 25 to do everything.

For the negatives, this game has tons of pop in where most objects don't load until you get within a certain distance of them, but nothing is game breaking or too annoying. It's just unfortunately too noticeable and distracting at times. My other complaint is that you can only play as Sonic this time around and none of his friends.

Lastly, the deluxe is only worth it if you want the artbook and soundtrack. There's a pair of brown gloves and brown laced boots which is exclusive to the Deluxe, but the rest is all grindable in game, and the grind is not bad at all. You will have far more of everything than you need as you need it to progress as long as you do some side stuff and exploration here and there and not just rush through.

I would definitely recommend this game. It is easily the best Sonic game in years and one of my top favorites in the franchise.

by ChaosKnight, United States - Nov 11th 2022

Planet Coaster - Ghostbusters™

Great DLC

This is a very fun DLC. It is short but it is a fun romp through the original Ghostbusters, arcade style. You get some nice themed items to display in your park as well. The main theme song is also included. It's definitely worth it if you are a fan.

by ChaosKnight, United States - Jul 4th 2022

Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP

Space Harrier Neptune

Game only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. It's identical to Space Harrier from the 90's with a Neptune skin and amazing soundtrack. Highly recommended, but maybe wait for a sale if you aren't too into the Neptune franchise.

by ChaosKnight, United States - Jan 20th 2022

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Castlevania Reborn!

Bloodstained is everything it needed to be and much more. It takes the best of Castlevania's elements and fuses them into a brand new game, while having several nods to Castlevania's past. There are hundreds of weapons, magic spells, and souls to collect, and there's a crafting and cooking option, as well as a few dozen side quests. Bloodstained's castle is huge and varied. It takes about 15-20 hours to complete the game, but 25-30 to find all the secrets and do the hidden boss battles. The game design is fantastic, though the graphics and story are average at best. If you loved Symphony of the Night, this is more or less a spiritual successor and you won't be disappointed. Buy this game now. It's worth every cent. More characters and game modes are being added later for free, so the only pay DLC is if you want the optional boss fight against IGA himself.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Jun 22nd 2019

Disneyland Adventures

Fun Mini Games and Exploration

The game is a very good virtual recreation of Disney Land in Anaheim, CA. You can interact with at least 20 characters from various Disney movies. There's tons of secrets, collectibles, and items to purchase with in game currency, such as clothes, pins, costumes, hats, and various albums. There are dozens of quests to complete, though they are a bit repetitive. You can take pictures and collect autographs. The mini games are very fun and varied, and most are a decent length. You can fight Captain Hook, ski, bobsled, fly with Peter Pan, shoot water guns on a jungle cruise, snowball fight, and ride on various rides throughout the park like roller coasters, carousels, and the tea cups. The game takes a good 20 hours to complete, plus even longer to do everything and find all the secrets. The game is more geared toward kids due to the easy difficulty, though getting platinums on the mini games and finding all the secrets is a bit more challenging, so older gamers can find a lot to enjoy as well. Definitely recommended.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Jun 1st 2019

RUSH: A Disney • PIXAR Adventure

Great For Kids

While this game is great for kids, I wouldn't recommend it for teens or adults as the gameplay is just too easy. The levels are diverse and varied, but all amount to basically being an endless runner style game with finite levels and occasional boss fights that amount to moving left and right and throwing objects. There's not too many puzzles, but they're super easy. The game took about 3 hours to play through in one sitting, but each level requires multiple plays, so it's probably about a 10 hour game to unlock everything. The graphics are great and there's nothing wrong with the game, meaning no glitches or crashes, but it's just not as good as it should have been. Worth it on sale for $5-10, but definitely not full price, even for huge Pixar fans.

by ChaosKnight, USA - May 27th 2019

Disney Universe

Great For Kids and Disney Fans

There are lots of costumes to unlock based on various characters from an assortment of Disney movies. The levels are colorful and fun. It's not very hard and geared towards kids, but adults can find some fun if they enjoy the Lego games as the gameplay is very similar. The cutscenes are cute and funny like the Lego games. Definitely recommended on sale.

by ChaosKnight, USA - May 5th 2019

TRON RUN/r: Deluxe Edition

Good Runner Game

While the game looks like a typical endless runner, it's actually quite fun. The visuals are very nice and reminiscent of the movies. The music is fitting, but won't stick with you. The levels range from easy and short to long and challenging. It's an enjoyable game in chunks, but not something to play endlessly for hours on end. It's worth it on sale. There's practically no story, so if you aren't interested in the gameplay, don't bother.

by ChaosKnight, USA - May 5th 2019

DARK SOULS™ III Deluxe Edition

Dark, Hard, and Fun

This is yet another very difficult game in the series, but it is very rewarding and fun to play. It's definitely the best of the trilogy and easy to recommend if you like this type of game.

by ChaosKnight, USA - May 4th 2019

The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA TOUR

Great Golf Game

I love the old Tiger Woods games. This one is a fun replacement and the control scheme of using the mouse to simulate the golfers swing is very accurate to your motions. The graphics are okay, but could be better. There's hundreds of clothing options to purchase with in game money earned in tournaments and various game modes. You get 36 official courses made by the developers right out of the gate (7 are the PGA Tour focus of the game), however there are no real life golfers in the game to play as or against. You have to make one, and it doesn't seem like you can make a second without creating a second profile.

The game also comes with an in game course creator which has tons of options and makes for limitless possibilities for creating realistic or crazy golf courses. You can also access hundreds upon hundreds of user created courses in game for free. This game is definitely worth the purchase price and it's such a relief that there's no DLC as everything is available with free patches and free user created courses. The replay value is endless.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Feb 2nd 2019

This War of Mine - The Little Ones DLC

More Gameplay Hours

The main game is very original and I decided to give the DLC a try. This is more of the same. That's not a bad thing, but it's not a necessary purchase. It adds a few hours of gameplay. This time you play as several children and see the war through their eyes. If you like the main game, this is worth a purchase, but I'm not sure whether I'd recommend it or not.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Jan 15th 2019

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Must Buy

This is quite possibly the best Tales game ever. Everything about it is perfect, from the characters to the story, to the amount of content, to the soundtrack, and the new game plus mode. There's optional secret missions during boss fights that are very challenging and you only have one chance to complete them before needing to wait for new game plus (or just reload your save and try again). This is well worth buying and experiencing. The port is excellent and has an unlocked frame rate with support up to 4k. It also has 2 extra playable characters.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Jan 12th 2019

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Perfect Remaster

This is a complete HD remaster of the original game that allows you to swap to the original visuals at the click of a button so you can play in either style at any time and even compare the awesome new visuals with the old ones. The gameplay is top notch and so much fun. Highly recommended, regardless whether you played the original or not.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Dec 28th 2018

Zone of the Enders - The 2nd Runner: M∀RS

Still a Classic

This is an awesome mech fighting game that still holds up well from its initial release on the Playstation 2. You really can't go wrong with this game as it's full of action and has a great story. The graphics are gorgeous and the controls are spot on. Definitely worth it.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Dec 22nd 2018


Great Brawler

This is a top down brawler that has some weapons tossed in here and there, but the focus is more on hand to hand combat and is much more fun to play that way. The level design is pretty boring but other than that there's nothing very bad with this game. Worth a purchase on sale if you like beat 'em ups.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Dec 22nd 2018


Nice Stealth Game

If you like stealth games, this is a very good one, though Metal Gear, Splinter Cell, and Hitman are way better. You'll be doing quite a lot of crouch walking and watching enemy movements to learn their patterns so you can efficiently execute them. The graphics aren't anything special, but the gameplay saves Aragami from mediocrity. I didn't encounter any glitches or crashes. I found the game a bit easy, but it's fun, and I'd recommend it on sale.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Nov 28th 2018

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - Digital Deluxe Edition

Awesome But Inferior Sequel

Like all other Wolfenstein games, this is easily a must buy, but it's not as good as The New Order, and is shorter with less content. For the negatives, the final boss is anti-climactic and poorly designed. For the positives, the gameplay is top notch and there's some awesome set firefights (like the courthouse) throughout that can get very challenging with the sheer amount of enemies and chaos, but BJ is portrayed more like an immortal superhero at this point than someone you can relate to. Still, it's fun, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming spin-off Youngblood, and the eventual third game with BJ to close off this storyline.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Nov 24th 2018

The Evil Within 2


A worthy sequel, it's just as good, if not better than the original. There's a few sections that are more open for exploration to give the illusion of freedom, but it's not open world. It's more just explore some extra optional places to get more supplies for crafting. It's a nice break though from the otherwise linear gameplay. If you liked the first game, buy this.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Nov 23rd 2018

Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2

Okay I guess

I got this for free after purchasing another game. That said, it's an okay game, but nothing great. I wouldn't have bought it personally. It's fun for a few minutes, but not engaging enough for extended plays. I guess if you like these kind of games, you'd enjoy it more, but there's better simulation games out there.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Nov 21st 2018

Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series

Better than the Previous

This game is better than the previous in every way. It's still the usual quick time events and movies, but the story is better and it is much more thrilling and engaging. The battle scenes are more simplified as you choose your actions on the go this time rather than planning ahead and then doing the quick time events. Can't wait for another installment as this is one of Telltale's better franchises.

by ChaosKnight, USA - Jul 15th 2018

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