Reviews by Renko

Silent Hill Homecoming

Unstable game, frequently crash

The game itself isn't bad. but bugs ruin the game. you should google it some Fix Guide before buying. but Even if you manage to installed the unofficial patches, it'll not fixed completely, especially crash.

by Renko, - Nov 25th 2019
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Far Cry 5

Action-Packed Squad-Based Shooter

Most great thing about FC5 is that you can give a command to your squadmates. It's only two of them but this reminds me Freedom Fighters by IO-interactive.

You can order 'move there' 'attack the target' 'follow me' to each of them

Very simple, but if you are good commander, they'll perform well.

and you can hire Animals like a dog, bear, and puma. You can pet them too!!!

Other than that... well, same as FC3-4. Storyline is awful IMO

Sorry for my poor English

by Renko, - Nov 24th 2019
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