Reviews by Vic N.

Tales of Arise

Fantasic game

Tales of Arise is an excellent game for both newcomers and series veterans alike.
The combat has improved a lot since Tales of Berseria and it's both very fluid and enjoyable.
The cast of characters are very likeable and they quickly became one of my favorite jrpg parties.

The story while kind of formulatic it still contains a handful of interesting twists and turns.

Overall great game and I highly recommend it.

Time spent: 90 hours and 100% achievement.

by Vic N., - Oct 5th 2021
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Death Stranding

Just one more delivery

Excellent soundtrack, most of the time relaxing vibe, great story and an interesting online component that allows players to help each other by providing materials and structures.

The missions get a bit repetitive after a while, but helping others to accomplish their goals is super fun and satisfying.

by Vic N., - May 31st 2021
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Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series

Too many villains...

Enemy Within is nowhere as good as its predecessor.
The story lacks a solid direction with so many characters to juggle none of them get the screen time they deserve.

The QTE segments are still obnoxious and the animations are wonky.

Worth picking up a sale but it's not worth the full price.

by Vic N., - May 31st 2021
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Days Gone

Days Gone

Days Gone is an excellent PC port, which runs well and plays well.

Gameplay wise it borrows a lot of elements from similar games: shooting mechanics from Tomb Raider reboot and scavenging, stealth from State of Decay.

While the core gameplay loop is solid, there are many flaws that hold Days Gone from being a great game.
The inventory is very limited, which makes the exploration unrewarding as most of the items you pick up are weapon crafting materials and you are full most of the time anyway.

The side objectives while fun at the beginning they get repetitive really fast as there's not enough variety in them:
- assassination missions: kill the target
- capture mission
- horde elimination
- camp extermination

The story is enjoyable overall, but personally I think it drags on way too long and it would have been a better plot if it ended sooner, the last act of the game feels like a last-minute addition with a cartoonish villain and the repetitiveness of the missions hit an all time low in the form of fetch quests.

Overall I think 3.5 out 5 is a fair score for Days Gone.

by Vic N., - May 29th 2021
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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Season Pass

Good value on when it's on sale

The season pass comes with 2 characters and a slaughter dome and a story expansion

The new characters, Doppelganger Jack and Lady Hammerlock are great additions to the roster, each coming with their own unique playstyle and skill trees.

The story expansion, Claptastic Voyage is one of the best DLC's in the Borderlands franchise. It hits just the right notes, the humor is on point and level design is wacky (in a good way) as you would expect since you are inside Claptrap's head.

Last but not least the Holodome Slaughter is the last piece of content you get with the Season Pass.
Unfortuantely it's a letdown, it's not only lazily done, but feels like it should have been part of the main game.

3.5 out of 5. Get it on a sale.

by Vic N., - May 29th 2021
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Batman - The Telltale Series

Great Elseworld Batman story

This is a great story with Telltale's own spin on the Batman mythos.
The dialogues are well crafted and the story is one Telltale's best.
The 5 episodes are well paced and the plot twist is completely unexpected especially if you are familiar with the Batman lore.

Unfortunately as usual the technical aspects of the game hold it back from being great.
Telltale's engine is very rough, the animations are wonky and unpolished and the signature Telltale Quick Time Events are still not fun.

All things considered 3.5 out 5.

by Vic N., - May 29th 2021
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Monster Train - The Last Divinity

Excellent addition to an already great game

Last Divinity not only adds a new clan with their two heroes but a series of random events and a new final boss are also incorporated into the game,
The new cards allow a vast number of new combinations and strategy offering you dozen hours of extra content.

by Vic N., - Apr 2nd 2021
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