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Road 96

Road 96

What happens when Firewatch graphics combine with an intense story like in Life is Strange. You will get an unforgettable experience of a super Indie game. In a totalitarian state set in the American environment. Your only goal is to get to the borders alive and cross it. The word alive is quite important. Because how the road to the border looks chill at first soon turns into a series of difficult situations and hard decisions. The game is divided into 6 episodes, in each of which you play as a different teenager. On your travels you will come across a few main characters with whom you will interact. But after a while you have the feeling that those characters are playing the game and you are just completing their story. On the other hand, their selection is perfect and you will definitely fall in love with them. The game features a completely awasome soundstrack which is great for long journeys. The game contains 3 main decision paths. According to which, its end will also be decided. Simply a perfect story experience full of energy and twists. So if you like story games with decisions and super characters. I definitely recommend. For 20 euros in full price, it is almost a steal.

by Lukáš P.3, - Sep 7th 2021
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