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New twist to Civ
by Drumm7422, USA - Nov 26th 2018

The game has pretty much all the features of the previous Civ,with a few new tweaks to make you think more before you plop down a city. The main new feature are districts which make it so you can specialize your cities and are not made in your city center.Want science ?Need to build a campus district.Want more production make an industrial district. It makes the cities feel bigger and more alive. Wonders also apply to this and make wonders more of a gather them all to getting one that you really need.They remade the faith to make religous units fight one another for the dominant religion.Game is fun but feels less fluid than the previous game. With DLC this game could be better than the previous just like Civ V was made whole with its DLC.

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Super Fun
by Drumm7422, USA - Oct 17th 2016

Have been waiting for a 4X game like this and it is amazing. Creating your own colony with its own traits really gets you to role play as your empire.

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