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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Icon
Good and will get better
by jjjnagy, USA - Jun 25th 2018

As a late convert to the PoE I game, I was excited about PoE II. The game is improved upon in almost every way. Is a quest or two still bugged? Yes, but I have no doubt they will be fixed. The question isn't if the game is worth getting, it's a question of if you want to wait for a sale, a few more patches, and/or DLC-or just get it now.

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Crusader Kings II Icon
Favorite Paradox Interactive game
by jjjnagy, USA - Feb 10th 2017

I own almost the entire Paradox Interactive franchise, and I repeatedly find myself coming back to this one. Perhaps it's the titles (counts, dukes, kings, etc.) or perhaps it's the personal attachment with individual characters that you marry, betray, or befriend. After all, who wouldn't want to restore the Roman Empire after dethroning the Karling family?

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Stellaris Icon
Good base game, will improve with DLC
by jjjnagy, USA - Feb 9th 2017

Paradox Interactive has typically been good about incorporating feedback into future patches and DLC, and this game is no exception. The initial release was not without flaws—and even then, I sunk in about a 100 hours—and it just keeps getting better with future planned DLC and patches. The game includes numerous homages to many sci-fi authors, books, movies, etc., and this is very appreciated.

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Europa Universalis IV Icon
Great intro to Paradox Interactive games
by jjjnagy, USA - Feb 9th 2017

This was my second Paradox Interactive game (after Victoria 2), and I still think it has the easiest (and often most forgiving) learning curve. The game, in my view, ultimately relies on steering trade and manipulating the New World and the East Indies to your advantage. In this sense, it's a little one-sided, but internal events like the Reformation and the upcoming DLC/patch with Ages fill-out the game even more.

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