Reviews by Lexkun

Warlock 2: The Exiled

It's okay... when it works.

I got it on a deep sale and it's entertaining enough. It tends to crash though so keep that in mind if interested.
I would probably be more annoyed if I payed full price or even half price but I knew the game was "rough" when I got it.

by Lexkun, Germany - Nov 2nd 2019


Fun little Game for the young ones

I got this to play it with niece and it's perfect for that.

by Lexkun, Germany - Oct 24th 2019

Overcooked - The Lost Morsel

Not needed but not bad either

An okay addition to the base game. Nothing special but the price is right.

by Lexkun, Germany - Oct 24th 2019


It's Classic Doom

Not much to say here. It's Doom and most people should know what that means. It runs great with a source port.

by Lexkun, Germany - Jul 26th 2019

Phantom Doctrine

Not XCom but still okay.

Don'T expect XCom Spy Edition when buying this. It's an okay game with some unique mechanics though. I got it in a sale and it was worth it but not sure I would say the same for full price.

by Lexkun, Germany - Jul 23rd 2019

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

It's Castlevania.

It's the best Castlevania since the DS handheld days. Has some minor quirks though. Still worth it.

by Lexkun, Germany - Jun 19th 2019

Dead In Vinland - Norse Side Stories

Small nice addition

Puts a bit more content in to flesh out the characters. Not mandatory but still a nice addition.

by Lexkun, Germany - May 5th 2019

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm

More Civ 6

It expands the game in interesting ways.
While some features don't go as deep as I would like the added content still expands the game to be more diverse and fun.

by Lexkun, Germany - Apr 20th 2019

Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns

Could be better

There is some new stuff to play around with. While the expanded country trees are nice the more interesting features were added in the free patch already. Still okay but maybe wait for a discount.

by Lexkun, Germany - Apr 20th 2019

Stellaris: MegaCorp

Fun addition

Some nice new Mega Structures. Slave market. And some other neat stuff like playing a MegaCorp obviously. Is it necessary? No. But it adds some more variety if you have seen everything else.

by Lexkun, Germany - Dec 12th 2018

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Complete Edition

Love it.

I loved VC1 and this is basically an upgrade so I love it too. Has some of the same problems VC1 had like some messy menus but they just don't bother me. Runs great too on my potato.

by Lexkun, Germany - Sep 28th 2018

METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience

Good but...

I looks great. It's also a good game but overwhelming. Maybe I'm getting a bit too old for this kind of thing. So many thing to keep track of...

by Lexkun, Germany - Sep 21st 2018

Dead In Vinland - The Vallhund

Great addition

Nice DLC that adds enough for a small price. I didn't even think much about if I should get it as the price speaks for itself. If you like the game already this will add a nice extra that's far better than 5 bucks for a weapon skin in other games.

by Lexkun, Germany - Sep 21st 2018

Dungeons 3

Better than Dungeon 2

I already liked Dungeons 2 and this one improves on a lot of the minor problems it had.

by Lexkun, Germany - Jul 14th 2018

Stellaris: Distant Stars Story Pack

It's okay, I guess.

It's more of a flavor pack. Some nice additions to mix up exploration but nothing really mandatory.

by Lexkun, Germany - Jul 4th 2018

A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Not a must buy

As someone who hasn't played since Shogun 2 this was a nice change. Maybe not so interesting for Attila vets though.

Is it slimmed down a bit? Sure.
Is it bad? Far from it.

by Lexkun, Germany - May 18th 2018


Nearly perfect

I don't regret even one cent spent on this game. The battles are fun and moderate challenging. Sometimes a lucky cockpit hit by the enemies shatters my whole confidence and breaks my formations but that's my own fault. Some minor patching would be nice but it runs well regardless.

Needs the Warhammer mech though...

by Lexkun, Germany - May 3rd 2018

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger


This expansion will spice things up a bit and even gives me a good reason to play as China.

by Lexkun, Germany - Mar 18th 2018

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack

Resistance is futile

It's worth already just to be able to create some machine empires to play against.

by Lexkun, Germany - Mar 18th 2018

Stellaris: Apocalypse

Doom time

With the 2.0 patch it was already a good reason to replay the game but this adds some fun things to play around with. Titans! Oh and space death lasers.

by Lexkun, Germany - Mar 18th 2018

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