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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Icon
For the fans
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Jan 3rd 2019

Titan Quest is a classic ARPG and the anniversary edition is a faithful update. I can't really recommend the game to anyone who does not have fond memories of the original game. Although there have been improvements the game is outdated and lacks features more modern games have.

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Titan Quest: Ragnarök Icon
More of the same
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Jan 3rd 2019

This is an extra episode for the updated Titan Quest. It's meant to be played after the regular campaign but players can jump right into the new content if they want to. There are some new types of quests but on the whole this dlc is really aimed at veterans of the original game who are hungry for more.

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Icon
Might just be the finest expansion ever
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Dec 6th 2018

This expansion offers a massive amount of content. New soldiers and equipment allow for new and different playstyles. New mechanics force even experienced commanders to change up their playstyle and of course the Chosen themselves are very dangerous and interesting opponents. Best of all, this dlc doesn't just add new things, but it makes an already great game better in almost every way.

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Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2 Icon
A gift horse
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Dec 6th 2018

I received this game for free during a sale and it's not one I would ever have bought myself. During the short time I played it the game seemed rather convoluted and not much fun. Still, it's a gift and I appreciate it as such.

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Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series Icon
Telltale at its best
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Nov 14th 2018

The second Batman Telltale game offers more of the excellent voice acting and striking graphics from the first part, but improves by adding many more interesting villains and a more involved story. As the story is not based on any particular movie or comic it can surprise even the biggest Batman fan with its original take on familiar characters. Playing the first game is highly recommended to really understand everything.

The best parts are the result of your choices. Decisions usually have only limited effect in Telltale games, but in this case the final episode is completely different based on the relation between Batman and John Doe. Because of this it's well worth a second playthrough. Depending on your choices you also play large parts of other episodes as either Batman or Bruce Wayne which has a large impact on gameplay.

On the downside the story can get very dark and sometimes includes gore that would be more appropriate for a Walking Dead game. The story also forces you to make some very tough choices where all options seem equally bad and neither really feels like something the 'real' Batman would do. Finally although some Quick time events are exciting you are sometimes left doing mundane things like turning doorknobs.

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XCOM 2 - Reinforcement Pack DLC Icon
DLC deal
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Nov 14th 2018

The dlc in this pack isn't bad and if you are interested in any of it buying the pack is considerably cheaper than buying the contents separately, but none of the content is really improves the terrific base game. Alien rulers adds some very strong opponents and unique gear and Shen's last gift adds SPARKS (robots) to your team. These robots have some unique mechanics, but they aren't superior to a normal soldier. Both packs include a mission to introduce the new concepts. It also adds some new customization options.

Bear in mind combining the dlc in this pack with War of the Chosen creates some issues in the main campaign. By default the lengthy story missions are disabled when WotC is also installed.

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Bear With Me - Episode 2 (DLC) Icon
See the sights of Paper City
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Sep 21st 2018

Although the episodes really shouldn't be played in isolation this is the strongest of the three. In this episode the plot thickens as you finally get to go to Paper City to meet with its colorful (so to speak) inhabitants. The combination of the film-noir vibe with Amber's imagination is highly enjoyable.

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Bear With Me - Episode 3 (DLC) Icon
A satisfying conclusion
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Sep 21st 2018

In this episode the story of Amber and Ted E. Bear reaches its end. The heavy emotions of this part don't work quite as well as the more lighthearted earlier episodes, but it's still a very good adventure. To fully experience the story all episodes should be played in order.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Icon
An excellent RPG with some minor flaws
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Sep 13th 2018

Battle chasers is a highly entertaining game. Gameplay is divided into a world map, random dungeons and turn-based combat. The map is bit basic, but the dungeons and combat look very nice. Music and voice-acting are good, but there is not enough of it. The biggest annoyance is the random dungeons as this sometimes forces you to replay them in order to encounter specific enemies or find ingredients which don't always spawn.

All in all a great game which provides dozens of hours of enjoyment.

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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Icon
The Guardians get the Telltale treatment
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Aug 23rd 2018

This Telltale take on the popular Marvel franchise doesn't break the mold. Compared to other Telltale titles it's probably closest to the Batman games, with an added sense of humour. One important thing to note is this adventure isn't linked to the movie franchise but instead based on the original comics. Among other things this means some characters have a different look (Drax is green for example) and all are voiced by veteran voice actors who don't always sound like the Hollywood A-listers from the movie.

This voice acting is one of the highlights of the game. Surprisingly the animation doesn't resemble comics but is actually quite realistic. In this respect it's probably the best looking Telltale game to date. Most of the time you control the Guardians' leader Peter Quill (alias Star-Lord), but during some sequences you take control of the other team members. The story is a fairly basic tale of fighting a villain in order to secure a McGuffin, but flashbacks provide some interesting background info for the team members which adds some depth.

In short fans of either Telltale games or the Guardians of the Galaxy won't be disappointed.

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Bear With Me - Episode One Icon
An adventure with a lot of personality
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Oct 23rd 2017

Bear with me is a traditional adventure game which stands apart because of its original story and setting. The game manages to combine elements from gritty noir detective movies with a cute story about imagination and growing up and offers up a cast of interesting characters.

Voice acting ranges from decent to great although a few lines are not delivered correctly which, along with a few typos, may have to do with the fact that English is not the first language of the developers. The game contains plenty of jokes and while some are a bit corny there are genuinely funny moments especially when Amber and Ted engage in some friendly bickering.

Aside from the unique storyline the game is a standard point and click adventure. Most puzzles are logical. The biggest obstacle for me was finding some items as they can be hard to see against the background. Each episode is fairly short and can be finished in about 2 hours which seems fair for the asking price. There are a few choices to be made which offer limited replay value.

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Total War™: ROME II - Daughters of Mars Unit Pack Icon
A female touch
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Sep 8th 2017

This dlc adds a handful of new units to the game. They don't add much in the way of gameplay as they are just more standard sword/spear/bow troops, but do add a bit of flair. It's obviously not historically accurate. On the plus side the dlc is however rather cheap.

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Anomaly Defenders Icon
Above average tower defence
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Sep 8th 2017

Unlike the other anomaly games this one offers standard tower defence. It's less original, but the game is otherwise very well done. There is a tech tree, so there is real progress and a reason to revisit levels. The defensive towers and special abilities mean there is plenty to do. All in all an enjoyable game.

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Icon
Typical Telltale
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Jul 21st 2017

If you've played a Telltale title before you know exactly what these games have to offer. A New Frontier offers the same strengths and shortcomings. Voice acting is very good and the graphics have the striking style of the Walking dead comics. On the other hand you can barely influence the story and there is still little in the way of gameplay. One thing that slightly hurts this particular game is that some characters' behaviour is rather erratic. Certain characters radically change their minds and behaviour for no reason, sometimes even within the same episode. Speaking of episodes; although this game has five of them like other titles the first two are so short (barely an hour each) it's really a four-part game.

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The worst save system I have ever experienced
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Feb 10th 2017

In most respects Dark is a mediocre stealth game with a decent setting and some fun abilities. Unfortunately it is hampered by the worst save system I have ever seen. The number of manual saves you get is extremely limited to just three per level and checkpoints are often miles apart.

In the first level I used up all my saves only to find that there was an endless boss fight/chase section without any checkpoints still to come.

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Crusader Kings II: Conclave Icon
Yet another dlc that does not add anything (nothing good at least)
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Feb 10th 2017

Conclave is proof that Paradox has to stop releasing more dlc for CKII: anything they add at this point is either trivial or actually detracts from the fun. Conclave's main concept is a council that interferes with the ruling king or emperor's decisions. It is somewhat enjoyable when you are a nobleman who can use his council seat to indirectly change this in the kingdom to your advantage but that's where the fun ends.

Even if you start out as a vassal your ambition should always be to become an independent ruler yourself. And once that happens the council is just plain annoying. The ai just randomly changes policies and opposes actions for no good reason (they actually consider it tyrannical if I order the arrest of someone who was plotting to kill my heir). I actually found it quite easy to bring the council to heel, but even doing that isn't enjoyable.

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Eldevin Icon
A rather dated mmo
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Feb 10th 2017

Amazingly Eldevin is somehow still going and receiving updates. It's free, so there is no reason not to check it out, but most mmo's out there are better and more fun.

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Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords Icon
Get the horde out of my game!
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Feb 10th 2017

About fifteen dlc packs ago Crusader Kings II was limited to European, Christian, feudal rulers. It made for a challenging but ultimately fun simulation of medieval life.

Since that time this has been expanded with more religions (which usually went smoothly) and different government types which have all been flawed in some way: Playing as in Islamic ruler was both easy and boring for example.

In the horse lords you can play as the ruler of a nomadic tribe. Unfortunately the new mechanics are a convoluted mess, making this dlc a frustrating experience. To make things worse the dlc offers very little new content for non-nomadic rulers.

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Movie Studio Boss: The Sequel Icon
Not better than the real thing
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Jun 9th 2016

The great thing about video games is that they allow us to experience things we can't do in our daily lives. Usually those games are a lot more fun than the real thing. Actually being in a war is hell, while playing a war game is exciting and fun.

Now I don't know a lot about running a movie studio, but I imagine it is a lot more varied and exciting than looking through lists of stats. But in this game that is just about the only thing you get to do. This game is playable, but not actually fun to play.

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Enforcer: Police Crime Action Icon
Wasted potential
by Batavorn, Netherlands - Jun 3rd 2016

The idea behind this game is interesting. You play a police officer who has to balance his work and private life. Unfortunately the game has never been properly finished. The game is a pure sandbox and therefore lacks story content and the random tasks quickly get repetitive. There are many bugs and glitches in the game as well.

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