Reviews by Teanutter

The Book of Unwritten Tales Collection

I'm Obsessed

Love the cheeky humor and references snuck in to these games.
This has been one of my "...just one more puzzle/oh heck its 3am" games.

by Teanutter, Australia - Aug 28th 2016
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The Whispered World Special Edition

Good Fun, tested the grey matter

I love puzzle games and this one was great. There were times i was furiously stuck for days on one thing.... but i found if i was really stuck, then spot was the answer!

by Teanutter, Australia - Mar 22nd 2016
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Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack

Love a good curse

The original monkey island games were my introduction to puzzle games many moons ago. This pack does it justice! I loved it, some puzzles were easy and some infuriatingly tricky!

by Teanutter, Australia - Feb 13th 2016
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