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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

This game keeps on bringing me back and back

I have over 1.000 hours and I have still not completed the main quest. The love I have for this game cannot be described by words. It's a shame Bethesda took another route with Fallout, but this masterpiece is amazing. Now the previous review was about the core Skyrim Game. Here comes the real review. They updated the graphics mostly, meaning the old annoying bugs still exist in the game. I had to re-buy the game for the steam, JUST so I can get the unofficial patch, that fixes the actual game. They made the water shinier, whoop thee doo, no one plays this game for the graphics or else they are not a true gamer, only a fake one in disguise. The deal I got here was great, actually the best one yet at the time of the posting of this review. If you want enhanced graphics, this is the game, otherwise the base game will do just as fine.

by Sime A., Germany - Dec 3rd 2019
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