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CODE VEIN Deluxe Edition

Certainly Deserving Of The Nickname "Weeb Souls"

•Dynamic gameplay that caters to a variety of playstyles
•Amazing soundtrack
•One of the most comprehensive and versatile character creation systems in any game
•Flashy abilities
•Interesting level designs

Neutral (You may or may not like it):
•For the most part, bosses are solid
•The anime aesthetic is visually appealing, but obviously that's a matter of opinion
•The story is decent and easy to follow
•Having an AI partner is an interesting take on the Souls-like formula, but it might make the game a bit too easy. They can tank, revive the player, or even outright solo some encounters. You can choose to not have a partner if you want, so this isn't much of an issue.

•Like other Dark Souls-esque games,the multiplayer in this game is just an afterthought. Both players can't progress the story simultaneously, so if you want to play with a friend, you will essentially be playing the game twice. If the host player dies, the guest player is disconnected; if the guest player dies, they will have to reconnect. If the host wants to access a Mistle (the "Bonfire" of this game), the guest has to leave and then reconnect. This slows down the flow of the game pretty significantly, so if you want to only play this game with a friend, I would make sure both players are okay with this system.

by Steven N.11, USA - Nov 8th 2019
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