EMPYRION   All Supported Extra Symbols on LCD Panels/Signs

How Do I Use These?

To use these symbols in the game, it is as simple as copy paste!
  1. In-game: Locate the LCD and press "f" to edit it (or access it from the control panel).
  2. Alt-Tab out to your web browser and view this page.
  3. Simply click on a symbol, and it will highlight for you.
  4. Do CTRL-C to Copy.
  5. Alt-Tab back to the game.
  6. Do CTRL-V to Paste into the LCD Panel Edit Box.
  7. Done! Rinse Repeat for other symbols.
* Some symbols may not look exactly the same in-game as they are here.
* If you are not seeing certain symbols, your web browser may be out of date.
* The code displayed on hover is the unicode number. Which is only for reference, and not for typing into the game.
† This page is User Content for the game Empyrion Galactic Survival. Eleon Game Studios is under no obligation to screen or monitor User Content.
‡ Contributed by Frigidman™