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Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device Icon
by kyrq, USA - Jan 31st 2017

While I haven't played many of the games in the Nancy Drew series, I found this game to be rather weak compared to the ones I have played. It's a little disappointing since I was really excited about it being in a Tesla inspired setting. Still would recommend playing this game if you enjoy Nancy Drew.

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Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold Collector's Edition Icon
Highly enjoyable
by kyrq, USA - Jul 9th 2016

This game was definitely a fun play. I would definitely recommend it for HOG fans. However, the animation of the characters can seem uncomfortably off or awkward, slightly dipping into the uncanny valley. I was able to get used to it and by the end of the game, I barely noticed it. All in all, a good fun game. I can't say for sure if I can support buying the game at full price but at the sale price, it is a great deal.

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House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets Icon
by kyrq, USA - Apr 10th 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and I thought that it was a good length for the price. I would recommend this game for HOG fans; its definitely an entertaining game.

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The Night of the Rabbit Icon
by kyrq, USA - Mar 3rd 2016

I've played several Daedalic games and so far haven't really been disappointed by any of them, this one included. This was a beautiful game and quite an enjoyable point and click adventure. It did get occasionally laggy when I played despite meeting the requirements but that might be due to my computer starting to get a little old so I can't say that was an issue with the game itself. Definitely would recommend the game

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Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness Icon
Solid ND
by kyrq, USA - Jan 19th 2016

I definitely enjoyed playing this game and its really a solid ND game. However I sort of felt rather unsatisfied with the character development in this game. I feel like there could have been more. However, I definitely loved the phone calls with Ned. It was a nice addition to this game and it allowed us to delve more into Ned and Nancy's relationship. Puzzles were fun and challenging, but not too challenging (granted I played as junior detective). You could earn money through learning the language or working in the kitchen which could be used at the souvenir shop. Everything looked really nice visually. Overall I had a lot of fun playing this game and would recommend it.

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Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes Icon
Unique ND game
by kyrq, USA - Jan 9th 2016

It was definitely rather interesting to play as Nancy Drew's friends and I really enjoyed how the characters were developed and how they interacted differently depending who you use. I haven't played many Nancy Drew games, but I found this one to be highly enjoyable. I did, however, somewhat dislike having to change characters only through calling Nancy. I sort of wish the characters could call each other directly to change who's in charge.

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The Journey Down Icon
Interesting but very short
by kyrq, USA - Dec 27th 2015

I fully enjoyed playing this game with the wonderful music and the great voice acting. It probably was why I felt very startled when I realized that the game had already ended. It is a very short game as it seems to set up for the sequel (which I have heard is much longer). Despite its length, it is still an entertaining and really beautiful game and definitely a good game to play particularly if you plan to continue playing (and I definitely want to). Outside of length, I found little to complain about other than the fact that you will have to wait for your character to walk across the screen rather having a "double click to change scene" function.

Is it worth the full $6.99? Maybe not, due to the length, but some might find that the quality of graphics, music, voice acting, and just being an entertaining point and click makes the game worth it. But if you can get this game on sale, I definitely would say its well worth it.

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Magic Farm Icon
A fun little game
by kyrq, USA - Jul 14th 2015

It's definitely a nice time waster and the dragon pet is rather cute.

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Moai: Build Your Dream Icon
Great Game
by kyrq, USA - Jul 14th 2015

I was first exploring the time management genre when I found this game. Compared to other time management games I played, I feel that this one (at least in later levels) really makes you plan out and strategize your actions more than in other games. Definitely both fun and rather challenging.

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Torchlight II Icon
Love it!
by kyrq, USA - Jul 14th 2015

Its really a great RPG. I've spent many hours already on this game and still enjoy it. I love being able to have a pet companion. Music is pretty nice too.

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Deponia Icon
Entertaining and Funny
by kyrq, USA - Jul 14th 2015

Its a fun, quirky game with a quirky hero. I have yet to play the other two deponia games, but I hope to play them soon. The full price might be a bit too much for the game (especially since its only one game out of a trilogy), but if you can get it on a discount, definitely get it.

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Dead City: Love as a Cure Icon
Pretty Fun
by kyrq, USA - Mar 30th 2015

The game is quite enjoyable but also pretty mindless; you pretty much click buttons repeatedly while keeping track of you energy and mana levels. As a result, it might not be fun for people looking for something more challenging or diverse.

Graphics and music are great, particularly the music. It created just the right atmosphere to play the game in. The storyline was very simple, and the ending portions could have been better. Everything felt sort of rushed, and some early plot points never get covered (which is sad, because it would have made for a more intersting story line).

It did bug out on me once when I cast a spell but the game kind of/sort of registered it. The spell didn't do anything, but when I tried again, it wouldn't let me cast the spell again because I apparently didn't need to. Apparently, there are some other players who have had the same problem when I looked for a solution online. There was pretty much nothing I could do and I wasn't too terribly far into the story, so I ended up creating another character. I was able to play through completely with this character.

I bought this game on sale which was a great deal, but overall, I wouldn't say this game is worth the $9 that it normally costs.

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Journey of a Roach Icon
Cute, whimsical game
by kyrq, - Dec 23rd 2014

I quite enjoyed playing the game. The roaches are adorable and the ability to walk on all the walls was quite fun. The story was entertaining but simple. However, maneuvering does take a little getting used to, and the game is rather short. Otherwise, its an enjoyable game.

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